[arch-dev-public] Arch Linux Trademark Violation

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sat Mar 16 13:36:07 EDT 2013

Ionut Biru wrote:

>On 03/16/2013 07:13 PM, Xyne wrote:
>I appreciate your effort but this stuff should be discussed internally
>and not publicly.
>Usually Aaron takes care about stuff like that and Allan emailed him
>about it already.

I wasn't expecting a discussion here. I don't have access to any internal dev
discussions (afaik) and I wasn't sure whom to notify about this (I haven't seen
any activity from Aaron in ages so I don't even know if he is still actively
involved). I posted here just to make sure that the right person sees it as
"nobody that matters posts on the forum", as the meme goes.

Given that this is already public on the forum and that at least one user has
already taken it upon himself to contact Inventive Arts directly, I felt that
it was imperative to bring this to the devs' attention asap. I will close the
thread for now and discuss what to do with it with the other mods to prevent
further community actions while this is handled.

If there is an internal mailing list for devs, TUs, forum admins & mods, wiki
admins, IRC ops and anyone else associated in some semi-official capacity with
Arch, please let me know. Otherwise please considering creating such a list.
The inner workings of the devs remains a black box for most of us outside the
inner circle and it is not always clear how best to pass along information and
follow internal issues.

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