[arch-dev-public] gendesk - a tool for generating .desktop files

Alexander Rødseth rodseth at gmail.com
Thu May 16 11:28:37 EDT 2013

Dear TUs and Devs,

Some packages uses gendesk, a tool for generating .desktop files.
Configurations can be specified by environment variables, commandline
options or by giving a path to a PKGBUILD file. If no options are
given, gendesk looks for a PKGBUILD in the parent directory. This has
been unproblematic up until now, but I just received a report that
this could cause problems when building packages on pkgbuild.com.

Should you encounter a "Could not find ../PKGBUILD" error when
building a package, just add:

--pkgname "$pkgname" --pkgdesc "$pkgdesc"

to the gendesk line (usually in the prepare() or build() function).
This is probably recommended in any case.

Other options are available too, and may be required if you, for
instance, need the application shourtcut to execute a non-standard
executable (not /usr/bin/$pkgname).

See "gendesk --help" or the gendesk man page for more information and
a smoergaasboard of possibilities.

Best regards,
  Alexander Rødseth
  xyproto / TU

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