[arch-dev-public] Removing glib 1, gtk 1 and qt3

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Thu May 23 12:45:22 EDT 2013

On Thursday 23 May 2013 14:41:05 Allan McRae wrote:
> Do many apps really still depend on qt3?   I though even Debian managed
> to go qt3 free in the latest release...

I guess many of them could be already removed, e.g.:
* kovpn, NetworkManager (both the plasmoid and the applet) support OpenVPN.
* qtcurve-qt3, it just a theme which doesn't require many resources to be 

Someone have a development version for Qt4/KDE4
* ksniffer, (and I bet everyone uses wireshark).
* ktechlab

Others have better alternatives:
* kleansweep, bleachbit? (uses PyGTK) sweeper? (maybe miss some feature, just 
report the feature request to the kde bug tracker)
* pwmanager, kwallet?

I can't do a detailed list ATM, but I'd like to hear some opinion from the 
people that use those programs first.

I'm in favor or removing gtk1/qt3, but building qt3 takes sooo much time. I 
really want to drop it when nobody really needs it.

Arch Linux Developer

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