[arch-dev-public] Git

Alexander Rødseth rodseth at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 11:20:47 EDT 2013


Thanks for the feedback!

As a summary:
* The reception of the idea of introducing git varies from strongly in
favor to no objection (or implicitly in favor). There is only one
suggestion that svn might be easier for our use.
* At least one person is happy to work on the transition (Tom Gundersen).
* I see that Florian Pritz has made great strides with regards to the
tooling, ref. the thread with the subject "Rewriting dbscripts
(packagers should read this!)"
* The ideas here about using one git repo per package (as suggested by
Pierre and Tom) is exactly what has been used in the other thread.
* The ideas about using one branch per package or packages as
submodules seems to have been disregarded.
* The ideas about supporting on a host like github or gitorious have
only had a positive reception so far, but someone needs to write a few
words about specifically how a service like github or gitorious could
be used together with the new tooling (possibly giving references to
how Arch Linux ARM are running things).

Ideas for "next action" once the tooling is in place are also needed.
I imagine that it mainly is a question of someone with access to the
servers flipping the right switches.

Best regards,
  Alexander Rødseth
  xyproto / TU

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