[arch-dev-public] Artwork Team?

Guillaume Alaux guillaume at alaux.net
Sun Oct 6 03:58:31 EDT 2013

On 6 October 2013 04:11, Gaetan Bisson <bisson at archlinux.org> wrote:
> [2013-10-06 11:46:49 +1000] Allan McRae:
>> On 05/10/13 14:06, Gaetan Bisson wrote:
>> > I understand that we are supposed to be the upstream on this, but since
>> > no developer or trusted user has shown interest in maintaining these
>> > packages, why not let users do it? Things like desktop manager themes
>> > could be improved by the community. Ultimately if neither official Arch
>> > packagers or users care, those packages could just be plain removed...
>> I have had an email pointed out that these artworks carry our TM and we
>> may want to consider the consequences of not controlling them ourselves.
> We control the artworks, but do we also need to control the window
> manager themes that use them? And the packages that include them?
> Anyway, I'm fine with anyone but me adopting this. :)
> --
> Gaetan

I'd be in favor of keeping the WM agnostic (archlinux-artwork,
archlinux-wallpaper) ones in official repos for trademark reasons but
I'm confortable with the Slim and LXDM ones going to AUR.

Anyway: none of these 4 pakages seems to be an orphan anymore so that
could put an end to this discussion :)

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