[arch-dev-public] systemd 207 ignores /etc/sysctl.conf

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Fri Sep 13 15:59:17 EDT 2013

Am 13.09.2013 19:47, schrieb Gaetan Bisson:
> [2013-09-13 16:37:16 +0200] Tobias Powalowski:
>> All default values from sysctl.conf which are active are also the kernel
>> default so no need to ship this file anymore.
> Great.
> I've just pushed procps-ng-3.3.8-3 to [testing]. It does not ship
> /etc/sysctl.conf anymore and post_upgrade() prints a message informing
> the user of the new location where their changes should go.

Note that this also renames the original file to

Anyway, we should still come up with a short news item; shouldn't hurt
us and probably saves people some trouble. Also adding a line about the
rationale of this upstream change would be nice.

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