[arch-dev-public] providing grsecurity in [community]

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Fri Apr 18 05:09:18 EDT 2014

[2014-04-16 00:09:55 -0400] Daniel Micay:
> To go along with this, I'm interested in maintaining the grsecurity
> kernel and userspace tools in [community] to provide a hardened kernel
> and role-based access control system.

It sounds fairly intrusive to me to introduce and support a new kernel
in our repositories. And I feel quite uneasy about this set of patches
not having been accepted upstream. Is there a particular reason why the
current state (packages in the AUR, built on-demand by those users that
are interested) is dissatisfying?

In your view, should we also package other patchsets, such as Con
Kolivas' (by far the most popular linux-* package on the AUR)?

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