[arch-dev-public] providing grsecurity in [community]

Lukas Jirkovsky l.jirkovsky at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 05:20:02 EDT 2014

On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 10:44 AM, Massimiliano Torromeo
<massimiliano.torromeo at gmail.com> wrote:
> In data lunedì 21 aprile 2014 22:24:26, Gaetan Bisson ha scritto:
>> Here on earth, Bartłomiej (who said nothing against separate repos) and
>> the guy who breaks every thread he replies to are just two people out of
>> ten in this discussion. And why didn't you chime in and gave us your
>> arguments against separate repos? How relevant is it whether you are
>> happy or not if you said nothing of it in the discussion?!?
> Because I simply agreed with points already expressed by others and I didn't
> think "+1s" would help the discussion.

If that helps I'm giving my +1 for having it community as long as
there's no need for additional work from other maintainers.

grsecurity is a nice and useful patchset and having it in community
reduces the cost of deploying it. What is also important is that it
would make it more visible to the users. Nobody ever uses binary
repositories apart from the officially supported ones and possibly
arch-haskell, which is quite specific in that it is not very useful
for an ordinary user, but which is great for devs already using


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