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Connor Behan connor.behan at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 15:21:02 EDT 2014

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On 22/04/14 10:43 AM, Daniel Micay wrote:
>> 2) A few years back we specifically reduced the number of kernels in our
>> repos to one.  Then the LTS kernel appeared.  Now this.  The problem
>> with adding a non-vanilla kernel to the repos is now for kernel bug
>> reports we have to verify which kernel is running.  If it is
>> linux-grsec, we then need to figure out if the issue a generic linux
>> one, or with the other patchset.  This is a burden to all our the kernel
>> maintainers and not just the packager and is part of the reason the
>> variety of kernels was reduced.
> Output from `uname -a` or `dmesg` is a pretty basic requirement for a
> kernel issue, especially since problems like /boot not being mounted and
> new upgrades installed to the wrong place often happen. I don't mind
> being the one who asks for this on any [linux] issues missing it.
> I'll have to dig up the old discussion because I wasn't around for it.
It's not just a matter of asking "what kernel are you using". You'll
probably have to ask the bug submitter to install linux from [core],
wait a day, and start comparing two sets of output.

But since you're prepared to do all the work, I don't think there's a
reason to drop linux-grsec. That should happen if / when another
packager has to work around it.

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