[arch-dev-public] Build failures in [core] - 2014-04-26

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Apr 25 23:35:14 EDT 2014

The following packages fail to build with the gcc-4.9 toolchain in
[testing].  I see nothing here to prevent moving gcc to [core] soon.

FAIL    ipw2100-fw (Source unavailable)

FAIL    ipw2200-fw (Source unavailable)

FAIL    isdn4k-utils  (Build failure)
  main.c: In function 'vfmtmsg':
  main.c:1300:11: error: assignment to expression with array type
           a = va_arg(args, va_list);

FAIL    libffi (Test suite failure)
  FAIL: libffi.call/float2.c -O0 -W -Wall (test for excess errors)

FAIL    licenses (checksum failure)
    mpl-1.1.txt ... FAILED
    ruby-license.txt ... FAILED

FAIL    make (Test suite failure)
  functions/guile: 3 Tests Failed

FAIL    pcre (Test suite failure)
  FAIL: RunTest

FAIL    systemd (Build failure)
  /usr/bin/ld.gold: error: .libs/libgudev-1.0.ver:2:1: syntax error,
unexpected LOCAL, expecting STRING or QUOTED_STRING or EXTERN
  /usr/bin/ld.gold: fatal error: unable to parse version script file
  collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
  Makefile:7692: recipe for target 'libgudev-1.0.la' failed

FAIL    xinetd (Source unavailable)

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