[arch-dev-public] Email domain for TUs

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Wed Aug 20 10:00:07 EDT 2014


Since all our email now runs via the same system and all users are also
on that system do we still need the distinction between TUs and devs in
the email domain (archlinux.org vs aur.archlinux.org)?

We currently have 25 @aur.archlinux.org (<10 active TUs) and 97
@archlinux.org addresses.

I forgot about the distinction already when I created the latest email
address and since some people have both roles (TU and dev) and
aur.archlinux.org doesn't really fit perfectly anyway (TUs don't only
handle the aur but also [community] and that's not even on the same
server any more) I'd like to unify this and always create @archlinux.org

Any objections?

PS: If anyone didn't want an email address before because of spam
reasons we have a spam filter now.

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