[arch-dev-public] Review request for a news item covering the latest set of vim changes.

Thomas Dziedzic gostrc at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 10:01:08 EDT 2014

I am going to paste the current version since it seems to be somewhat of a

If there are no more bugs that show up related to this package, I will post
a news item and move vim tomorrow.


Reorganization of Vim packages


The Vim suite of packages has been reorganized to better provide
advanced features in the standard vim package, and to split the CLI and
GUI versions; the new packages are:

- vim-minimal: identical to the previous vim package
- vim: now includes all the features from gvim, but without GTK/X support
- vim-python3: same as gvim-python3, but without GTK/X support
- gvim: same as before
- gvim-python3: same as before
- vim-runtime: same as before

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