[arch-dev-public] systemd 216 coming soon to testing

Dave Reisner d at falconindy.com
Wed Aug 20 14:25:24 EDT 2014


I'm working on the final pieces of systemd 216 packaging (will push to
[testing] tonight EST barring the unforseen). As always, there's a
number of new features/bugs, but a few gotchas might want special

For packagers:
- systemd-sysusers is now a reasonable thing as it now reads and writes
  to /etc/shadow and /etc/gshadow. This means that we can simplify the
  filesystem package immensely, and packages which want to ship their
  own runtime users can switch to this as well. Note that new IDs are
  allocated semi-arbitrarily starting from 999 and counting down. Please
  be aware of the implications of using this if your package ships files
  owned by the user you're going to create! There's still no way of
  removing users via sysusers.d, but I think this is fine (Fedora
  actually never removes users or groups).

- The never-ending NTP provider dance continues. Effective immediately,
  all files in /usr/lib/systemd/ntp-units.d are defunct, and will no
  longer be read. In exchange, extra/ntp and community/openntpd must add
  "Conflicts=systemd-timesyncd.service" to their service file. (chrony
  is already taken care of). timedated will no longer attempt to
  activate implementations other than timesyncd. So, use timesyncd
  unless you really care about having a full blown NTP server running.
  This currently requires systemd-networkd to be *running* (but not
  necessarily actively configuring anything). In 217, this requirement
  will likely be lifted.

For users:
- systemd no longer tells the kernel about the timezone when the RTC is
  set to localtime. An immediately visible effect of this might be that
  timestamps on FAT filesystems will be "wrong" (displayed in UTC).
  There's no way around this unless you play with settimeofday()
  yourself before systemd starts (this idea comes with zero warranty).

Full NEWS file:



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