[arch-dev-public] Proposal: enabling full ASLR on x86_64 via hardening-wrapper

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Wed Dec 31 09:47:33 UTC 2014

Am 26.12.2014 01:56, schrieb Allan McRae:
> I am not in favour of using the hardening script because I don't find 
> it
> adheres to what we consider KISS.  Our build system is supposed to be
> simple and entirely transparent when looking at the PKGBUILD and 
> default
> makepkg.conf.  Any user can run "abs" and "makepkg" and get (roughly)
> the same package.

I agree, using such hacks kind of violates the kiss principle and our 
policy to follow upstream and don't patch or fork. I suggest to revistd 
this proposal once the needed changes are available upstream.



Pierre Schmitz, https://pierre-schmitz.com

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