[arch-dev-public] [RFC] Moving mail away from gerolde

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Mon Jun 23 13:42:03 EDT 2014


Since we moved dbscripts to nymeria there's not much left on gerolde. I
believe all there is are mail and the devftp.

The mail setup on gerolde is not particularly good (no spam filter, no
IMAP, no sieve filters, no limits to reduce spam when account
credentials get stolen, no accounts for TUs, ..) which I'd like to

Changing that would be a lot easier if I could set it up on a different
machine and once it works simply move everything. That would also mean
that we could get rid of gerolde soonish (moving devftp should be
pretty simple) which means we could even get rid of xen there.

Given everyone has an account on nymeria I'd like to set up postfix,
dovecot and spamassassin there (using system accounts). That would
be pretty similar to my own setup.

I could also install a spam filter on gerolde, but I'm not sure if
gerolde is up to that. The hardware is pretty old after all. IMHO the
way to go is to migrate away and get rid of xen in the long run.

I haven't yet look into also migrating mailman from gudrun to nymeria
or maybe alderaan. I'm mainly interested if people care if mail
moves from the US to Germany (latency, laws, whatever).

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