[arch-dev-public] Kingsoft Office License

Felix Yan felixonmars at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 09:02:37 EDT 2014

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I'm going to give some quick answers to what I 
have in mind:

On Tuesday, March 18, 2014 21:31:50 Allan McRae wrote:
> - Distributed as a deb file
> - Requires libpng12 (why is that in [community]...)

I've mentioned this to them just one day ago. Actually the PKGBUILD will be 
re-written once the issues on license were solved. I'll also mention 
particularly about libpng12, to see if a specific version with latest libpng 
can be made available.

> - I don't trust licenses with multiple obvious typos
> - Is linking at runtime "integrating" with other software
> - Are dontations to Arch counted as us making a profit from having it in
> our repos?
> - The terms indicate we are legally responsible to stop (e.g.) Manjaro
> redistributing this.

I'll forward these questions/problems to them.

> - we have to comply with PRC export laws and restrict distribution by
> country

Unfortunately I don't think they can do much about the export laws - But after 
a quick look, I don't see any more regional limitations in the laws than the 
restrictions by UN (I may be wrong since I'm not a lawyer, though). And 
currently skype, steam and flashplugin in our repos are also subjected to the 
U.S. export laws.

> Overall, that is a no from me.  It is a deb, so "packaging" is no burden
> for its users.

It would still be nicer to have popular software in our repos - but of course 
they have to meet our essential requirements. Only after the licensing issues 
been addressed, I'd like to ask again about the inclusion.

Thanks again!

Felix Yan
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