[arch-dev-public] Use systemd timers instead of /etc/cron.{hourly, daily, weekly, monthly}?

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Fri Mar 28 22:46:30 EDT 2014

[2014-03-28 23:01:22 +0100] Tom Gundersen:
> However, I'm always in favor of dropping stuff from base whenever the
> opportunity arises. Once other base packages no longer ship cron jobs,
> I suppose there is no longer a reason to keep cronie in base? What's
> your take on that Gaetan (not sure if your comment was against
> dropping it, or just against the security concern)?

Yes, I will be very happy to move cronie out of [core] and stop
maintaining it. :)

My disagreement was only with the security argument.



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