[arch-dev-public] Fwd: [arch-general] Java 8

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Sun Mar 30 13:38:53 EDT 2014

On Sun 30, March 16:14:17 Guillaume Alaux wrote:
> **We** (Arch Linux) do not patch anything here. We are just wondering
> which way to go between:
> 1- build from upstream OpenJDK by Oracle (the build process and result
> are kind of "dirty", it builds against included libraries that are
> shipped afterwards - libpng, libjpeg, ...)
> 2- build from upstream OpenJDK by Oracle AND upstream IcedTea on a
> pre-release version (are we OK with a pre-release on our repos? This
> could go to "testing"?)
> 3- ship an already built by Oracle binary version (not in favor of
> this one - this is what is in AUR as "jdk" and "jre")
> 4- do not ship Java 8 at all and wait for IcedTea8 stable to come out
> (when?)

I'd say to go for 1), I don't use IcedTea at all and I guess very few people 
do these days. And maybe those could use jre from AUR until icedtea8 is out.

Arch Linux Developer

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