[arch-dev-public] Plasma 5 official packages

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Sat Oct 18 17:23:19 UTC 2014

The day has come: Plasma 5 packages are now in [extra]!

KDE 4 users that don't plan to switch to Plasma 5 can stop reading here. This 
doesn't affect you in any way!

The packages are /usr prefixed and the only two conflicts are: kdebase-
workspace and kdebase-kdepasswd. In truth, there are also baloo and 
kactivities4, but they can be safetly replaced with the -framework version.

If you install Plasma 5 you will not be able to switch from KDE 4 to Plasma 5 
just by logging out from your X session, but the good news is that you can run 
any KDE 4 application over Plasma 5 because there are very few (or almost 
none) that really require kdebase-workspace to work.
I also invite you to report on your bug tracker any package that has a 
dependence on kdebase-workspace but that can also run without it (e.g. 
kdevelop - which is fixed now).

To install Plasma 5 you can use the old plasma-next group that I made months 
ago with just kwin and oxygen. This group will be probably renamed to plasma5 
or just as 'plasma' with the next Plasma update (sorry for the wordgame :).

If you install the packages from AUR, I suggest you to remove it completely 
first and then install the packages from [extra] this way:

  # pacman -Rscn plasma-desktop
  # pacman -S plasma-next

*Note*: Plasma 5 doesn't ship a DM anymore and since KDM is included into 
kdebase-workspace this means that you also have to choice a new DM. I 
personally suggest sddm which is also in [community] now.

And now just few words more:
I've no more time as I had before to contribute to Arch, and I want to let you 
know that all this work has been possible mainly thanks to a member of our 
community: Antonio Rojas (arojas).
This man has reported me a lot of suggestions on how to handle the conflicts 
between KDE 4 and KDE Frameworks/Plasma 5 and he has made the skeleton for the 
official packages. Antonio, a very huge thank you from me!!!

Arch Linux Developer

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