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Sébastien Luttringer seblu at seblu.net
Sat Sep 6 12:50:52 UTC 2014

On 16/07/2014 19:26, Sébastien Luttringer wrote:
> Last maintainer of virtualbox binary modules has resigned.
For the last releases of linux-lts[1], virtualbox-modules-lts[2] was not
rebuilt, resulting in bug reports[3][4] with nobody interested to fix.

> Is there a volunteer to take care of them and handle rebuilds ?
Nobody raised his hand so far.

Until recently we share rebuild
- I do a rebuild when I bump virtualbox (only major versions)
- Kernel maintainers do a rebuild when they bump (all version)

As confirmed in bug report[2], a simple fix is to use virtualbox dkms
modules, but Dave asked to wait next pacman release to manage rebuild
during pacman upgrade (with hooks) rather than dkms.service at boot.

Now, I think it's better to drop them and have built at boot time
instead of broken packages in the repo.

[3] https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/41602
[4] https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/41375

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