[arch-dev-public] News announcement for Puppet 4

Jonathan Steel mail at jsteel.org
Sat Apr 18 21:36:45 UTC 2015


Puppet 4 has been released and will require manual intervention. I'll push
a package to [community-testing] soon, but I think this is worthy of a news
announcement before hitting [community]. I'm in two minds about keeping a
puppet3 package around, some users may want to stick with that for now; I
would be interested to hear some opinions.

  Puppet 4 has been released and breaks compatibility with version 3.
  Therefore users will need to upgrade a server to Puppet 4 before updating
  their clients. Note that if only a Puppet 4 server is available, Puppet 3
  clients will not work. Also a number of locations for things have changed
  including the config, manifest and module files. You will need to follow
  upgrade instructions for your servers and clients:


  If we are providing puppet3: Users can opt to stick with Puppet 3 by
  installing puppet3 from [community].

Jonathan Steel
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