[arch-dev-public] Master key holders response time

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Dec 5 22:52:04 UTC 2015

We have an issue with the response time of master key holders.
Currently there are two new TUs that have not had their key signed by
three master key holders.

Bug date: 2015-11-18
4B1D E545 A801 D454 9BFD 3FEF 90CB 3D62 C13D 4796
Not signed: Ionut, Dan, Pierre

Bug date: 2015-10-14
50F3 3E2E 5B0C 3D90 0424 ABE8 9BDC F497 A4BB CC7F
Not signed: Ionut, Dan, Pierre

There is four other bugs open with keys that have not been signed by
Dan.  The response time for Ionut was brought up earlier in the year [1]
and was rectified at the time, but there has been limited (or no?)
activity since.

This completely unfair on the trusted users involved. I understand that
people are busy, but it should not take more than a week to sign a key
once it has been verified.  We also need more than Thomas verifying the
keys (I am at fault there too).

Is it time to cycle our key holders?  There are some good candidates
that have been around here for multiple years and are very active still.



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