[arch-dev-public] Signing new TU keys

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue May 12 11:30:36 UTC 2015

Am 11.05.2015 um 11:35 schrieb Allan McRae:
> Hi all,
> Adding new keys is taking a long time...  Here is a summary of the open
> bugs and who needs to sign:
> Johannes Löthberg (50FB 9B27 3A9D 0BB5) - 22nd April:
> Pierre, Thomas, Dan, Ionut
> Levente Polyak (FC1B 547C 8D81 72C8) - 16th April:
> Pierre, Thomas, Dan, Ionut

I seem to have missed these mails. However, I cannot sign anything until
next week.

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