[arch-dev-public] [RFC] archive.archlinux.org

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Sun Oct 18 01:49:36 UTC 2015

[2015-10-17 21:02:00 +0200] Sébastien Luttringer:
> More than one year ago[1] we started to discuss making the Arch
> Rollback Machine more official. There were pros and cons and I would
> give us the opportunity to move forward.

I think this is great. You've now been running that project unofficially
for a while anyhow, so I don't see anything left for us to do other than
put our official stamp on it.

The only potential reason why we wouldn't want do that is if we didn't
find that project useful, but I do not think anyone here believes it

I just have one question. What is "fsociety.archlinux.org" for? Could it
follow our current naming scheme? Is it different from "archive.al.org"?



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