[arch-dev-public] vivaldi browser in community

Jelle van der Waa jelle at vdwaa.nl
Sat Apr 2 10:14:11 UTC 2016

On 04/01/16 at 09:17pm, Ike Devolder wrote:
> Are there any objections to bring in vivaldi browser [1] into our
> community repo once its stable is released?
> Vivaldi is a chromium based browser, and it is different from most other
> browser in the sense that it offers a lot more UI customizability and
> some unique features not found in other browsers.

Does their license allow re-distributing of the binaries?
I couldn't figure much out from the information of their EULA. [1]

Personally I don't see the benefit of having another closed-source
browser in our repos like opera.

[1] http://sprunge.us/YOIF

Jelle van der Waa
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