[arch-dev-public] Hooks!

Massimiliano Torromeo massimiliano.torromeo at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 12:47:22 UTC 2016

Il giorno ven 29 apr 2016 alle ore 10:49 Florian Pritz <bluewind at xinu.at>
ha scritto:

> On 29.04.2016 10:20, Ike Devolder wrote:
> >> How about a hook that rebuilds kernel initramfs images? Something like:
> >>
> > It only benefits one package, so seems pointless to move it in hooks. If
> > you have custom kernels installed you must run mkinitcpio anyway for all
> > of them.
> The current way of running mkinitcpio in the install scriptlet is
> broken. Some package that may be included in the initramfs might get
> updated after the script runs so their files in the initramfs may be the
> old versions. This has happened before and the only way to properly fix
> it is by using a hook to run the command at the very end of the update
> process. This is not pointless.

I actually wanted to propose exactly this, so +1 from me.

I was also wondering about a pacman hook ro run "systemctl daemon-reload"
after systemd units installations/upgrades. This is something that was not
done even in .install files but I don't know if there was a reason why.

Others distros do this automatically, even the ones that do not have the
bad habit of restarting the services for you without asking. Eg: I never
had to do daemon-reload on CentOS 7.

As far as I understand it shouldn't have any unintended side effects (and I
certainly never experienced one). Thoughts?

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