[arch-dev-public] TU Resignation

Daniel Wallace danielwallace at gtmanfred.com
Thu Jan 21 21:34:45 UTC 2016

Hey all,

Over the last two months I have been considering this, and finally came to
the decision that it was time to resign as a Trusted User.

I haven't been able to dedicated a meaningful amount of time to Arch Linux
for some time now, and think it is just time to give it up.

I will still be around, but I don't use Arch anywhere near as much as I
used to, but back when I did, it gave me so much experience and helped me
get really started in Linux and then in Python and getting jobs along the

I will always remember getting steam into the repositories, and working
with the lawyers at Valve to get a workable EULA so we could redistribute


And all the cool people I got to talk to and work with.

If any of yall are ever in Texas, look me up :)


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