[arch-dev-public] cdrkit and mod_fastcgi maintenance

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Tue Oct 11 21:52:03 UTC 2016

At this moment there's two of my packages on the todo list "Packages
with missing sources": cdrkit and mod_fastcgi.

Both packages are abandoned projects: no development, websites
completely dead and source files can only be downloaded from other

I would like to drop both packages and replace them with replacements
that get active development:

mod_fastcgi can be replaced with mod_fcgid (in extra) or mod_proxy_fcgi
(included in apache package). mod_fcgid can't connect to external
sockets like php-fpm, but mod_proxy_fcgi can do that.

cdrkit can be replaced with the original version which is cdrtools (in

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