[arch-dev-public] Dropping cdrkit, replacing with cdrtools

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Sat Jan 21 00:41:20 UTC 2017

[2017-01-21 00:39:52 +0100] Jan de Groot:
> Since we're dropping dead packages, I have one package remaining on the
> "missing sources" todo list: cdrkit.
> Given the fact that Debian has forked an old cdrtools release, applied
> some patches and then abandoned the project completely, I would like to
> remove it and replace it with the original software which is still
> developed.

Sounds good to me.

> cdrtools is already in community, so it only needs a move to extra.
> It's already a drop-in replacement for cdrkit, so we can handle the
> dependencies later.
> Last note: only thing that keeps me from moving this right now is the
> maintenance. The current maintainer in community has maintained this
> package for 5 years with regular updates and does a good job
> maintaining his packages. It would be nice if he could continue
> maintaining the package, but I think it's good to have mkisofs and
> cdrecord in extra instead of community. Any thoughts about this?

It really makes no difference if mkisofs and cdrecord (or most packages
for that matter) are in [community] rather than [extra].



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