[arch-dev-public] Migrating mail server on Sunday

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Sat Sep 2 18:33:11 UTC 2017


I will migrate our mail server from nymeria to orion on Sunday
(tomorrow, September 3rd) starting around 12:00 UTC. The domains will
stay the same, user names will stay the same expect for one user. The
server may be unavailable for some time during the migration.

User passwords are not migrated so you will have to set the password
again on orion using `passwd`. If you have already set a password
previously but forgot it, I can remove the password for you.

Mailing lists will continue to work normally if the @lists.archlinux.org
addresses are used. @archlinux.org addresses will work again after the move.

If you have any questions or notice any problems, please contact me via
mail or on IRC.


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