[arch-dev-public] Caution when moving packages built against glibc 2.27

Evangelos Foutras evangelos at foutrelis.com
Tue Apr 24 03:17:13 UTC 2018

On 13 April 2018 at 18:17, Evangelos Foutras <evangelos at foutrelis.com>

> Care should be taken when building against glibc 2.27 (which is currently
> in [staging]).
> In particular:
>    - While glibc 2.27 is in [staging], new rebuilds should not be started.
>    - After glibc 2.27 migrates to [testing], packages built against it
>    should remain in [testing] until glibc 2.27 lands in [core].
> The above considerations must be taken into account because packages built
> against glibc 2.27 might depend on versioned symbols that are not found in
> glibc 2.26 and thus will not work. [1]
> [1] https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/58216

It's been a few days since glibc 2.27 was moved to [testing]. This is a
reminder not to move packages built against it to the stable repos.

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