[arch-dev-public] Automating package conflict resolution whenever possible (xorgproto/libxfont dependency conflict)

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Wed Feb 14 11:55:37 UTC 2018

Just because I had to look up the details of this....

- xorgproto replaces a lot of packages, including fontsproto:
 :: Replace fontsproto with extra/xorgproto? [Y/n]

- libxfont requires fontsproto, so this causes the following:
 :: libxfont: removing fontsproto breaks dependency 'fontsproto>=2.1.3'

- people with systems older than 2016-11-16, may have libxfont as
xorg-server depended on it until that time.  Now xorg-server depends on

- libxfont2 does not replace libxfont, as it is a completely different API.

- libxfont was removed from the Arch repos somewhere in April or May
2017.  So nothing official depends on libxfont.

I don't think it is unreasonable to expect people to run "pacman -Qi
libxfont", see it was installed as a dependency and no package depends
on it and remove it.  There also does not seem to be a correct way of us
to handle this - joys of rolling release!

Funny thing...  people using yaourt probably removed this package as I
believe it highlights dependencies that are no longer needed after an


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