[arch-dev-public] Windows Subsystem Linux - Arch Linux as official container?

Christian Rebischke Chris.Rebischke at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 29 21:00:28 UTC 2018

Hello everybody,
I would like to start a discussion about Windows Subsystem Linux and
Arch linux. You all might know that Microsoft has increased their
participation in open source software a lot since Satya Nadella is CEO
of Microsoft.

They even implemented a subsystem on Windows 10 for executing natively
ELF binaries on Windows. This system is based on docker images and some
nice guys from Microsoft have asked Allan and me if Arch Linux would be
interested to participate in this project.

The steps for getting into the project are:

* Signup in the Microsoft Appstore (we would get a free voucher if we
  want to participate) as Organization (we need the ok from one of our
  trademark holders for this step)
* modifying our docker container a little bit
* pushing it into the microsoft appstore

So what do you think? Should we participate in that project?

Here are some pros and contras:

    - CentOS and Ubuntu are there too
    - Would be a nice chance to increase the awareness about Arch Linux
    - might get people to change from Windows to Arch Linux (or linux in
    - Nice way to test our docker image in production
    - People who are forced to work on windows at work can use Arch
      Linux at work as well
    - More bugreports / feedback / forum activity?

    - Microsoft is Microsoft (I think I don't need to explain)
    - More Newbies?
    - Somebody would need to maintain it (I would do it)
    - If Arch Linux partnerships with Microsoft could lead into bad image?

I would like to hear as much feedback as possible. So don't be shy :)
I want to give feedback to the microsoft guys in round about 1 week.
I guess that should be enough to dicuss this topic.

So deadline is 2018-02-7

-- Chris
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