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Andreas Radke andyrtr at archlinux.org
Sat Mar 31 12:01:03 UTC 2018

In the past we have packaged man9 section of kernel docs. Upstream
removed the man pages section in 4.14 release. There are now different
types of kernel docs available (make help output):

Documentation targets:
 Linux kernel internal documentation in different formats from ReST:
  htmldocs        - HTML
  latexdocs       - LaTeX
  pdfdocs         - PDF
  epubdocs        - EPUB
  xmldocs         - XML
  linkcheckdocs   - check for broken external links (will connect to
external hosts)
  refcheckdocs    - check for references to non-existing files under
  cleandocs       - clean all generated files

  make SPHINXDIRS="s1 s2" [target] Generate only docs of folder s1, s2
  valid values for SPHINXDIRS are: crypto networking input media
  core-api userspace-api process driver-api sh admin-guide doc-guide
  filesystems dev-tools kernel-hacking sound gpu

  make SPHINX_CONF={conf-file} [target] use *additional* sphinx-build2
  configuration. This is e.g. useful to build with nit-picking config.

  Default location for the generated documents is Documentation/output

The recent docs are available online here:

Should we keep packaging this at all or drop it? Is there anybody who
want to take this package over? I'm not interested in packaging this
though maintenance work is low.

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