[arch-dev-public] Proposal to remove GConf

Balló György ballogyor at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 13:01:27 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Recently I orphaned some of my packages which have a dependency on
gconf. GConf was used in GNOME 2 as the settings storage daemon. It's
deprecated since 2010 in favor of GSettings, and does not receive any
fixes since 2013. I would propose to remove it from the official

The following packages are fully functional without GConf:
- aisleriot (FS#60000)
- brasero (FS#59978)
- emacs (FS#59887)
- firefox-developer-edition
- firefox (FS#59992)
- gnome-terminal (FS#59980)
- ibus (requires gsettings-schema-convert during build if the dconf
module is enabled)
- qcef (libcef must be built from sources to disable gconf usage)
- steam-native-runtime (FS#60036)
- thunderbird (FS#59993)

The following packages were ported from GConf to GSettings, but not
released yet:
- ekiga
- ogmrip

The following packages were not ported yet and have inactive upstream:
- alleyoop
- apcupsd (only the GUI part)
- billreminder
- ccgo
- docky
- gnome-alsamixer
- gnome-do
- gnome-schedule
- gsql
- hamster-time-tracker
- muine
- planner
- tomboy
- vmoviedb

After the above packages were fixed or removed, GConf and related
packages can be removed too:
- gconf
- gconf-editor
- gconfmm
- gconf-sharp
- lib32-gconf
- python2-gconf

Any objections?

György Balló
Trusted User
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