[arch-dev-public] Spring cleaning (take 2)

Antonio Rojas arojas at archlinux.org
Wed Apr 3 06:47:01 UTC 2019

> On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 05:19:34PM +0100, Public mailing list 
> for Arch Linux development wrote:
>> Following up on xyproto's [community] cleanup, here is a list 
>> of unrequired
>> orphans in [extra] which could be removed (minus the 
>> aspell/hunspell dicts).
>> Please adopt them if you want to keep them (some of them are clearly
>> maintained, eg. vulkan stuff). If you ∈{TU's}\{devs} and want to maintain
>> something, reply and I will move it to [community]. Will start dropping
>> stuff in a week.

All remaining ones dropped, except for icewm and fvwm (they seem fairly 
popular and have active upstreams)

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