[arch-dev-public] soyuz (pkgbuild.com) server move to homedir.archlinux.org

Sven-Hendrik Haase svenstaro at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 06:34:22 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I set up a new Hetzner VPS that is going to become our new
homedir/public_html server available to all TUs and Devs like soyuz was. We
decided to decommission soyuz and put the public_html stuff on its own
server for security reasons, to cut costs, and so that we can
compartmentalize further.

The server uses a Hetzner Cloud Volume which we can scale if we want but
for now, it's 100GiB of zstd-compressed btrfs. If possible, we'd like to
keep it at this size for the time being. You can host your own repos there
if you want and that's fine. Please talk to us beforehand if you see
yourself exhausting the volume with what you want to do.

If you had stuff hosted in the public_html of soyuz, I'd ask you to
transfer stuff over to the new box which is already reachable at the names
pkgbuild.com (you'll get an SSH error because of this) and
homedir.archlinux.org. Please check if you can throw away some old
stuff/junk that you might not necessarily need on the new server.

This new box is *not for building*. That's what dragon is for. Please only
put documents/files onto the new pkgbuild.com that you actually want people
to be able to access publicly. The box has no building facilities and you
get no sudo'd commands.

soyuz is going to be decommissioned no sooner than 2020-01-01 but do not
expect it to hang around for long after that. We will not transfer any
files for you from soyuz. In other words: All data not explicitly
transferred by you will be destroyed after 2020-01-01.

Please bring up any problems you might have with this new server on the
arch-devops list or IRC (#archlinux-devops).


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