[arch-dev-public] Using SPDX License list as identifiers

Morten Linderud foxboron at archlinux.org
Tue Oct 22 19:15:17 UTC 2019

On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 01:59:48PM +0200, Jerome Leclanche wrote:
> Hi
> This just came up on IRC. Thoughts on using the SPDX license list as valid
> license identifiers for all packages?
> https://spdx.org/licenses/

I like this idea.

I started looking into how this would be packaged. The main repository is simply
just structured data SPDX, which are processed into different formats. One of
them are just plain text files with the license text [1].

Dropping these files into `/usr/share/licenses/common` seems like the easiest
solution. But our current structure is `/usr/share/licenses/$LicenseName/license.txt`,
with a few exceptions such as CCPL. Is there any reason for this structure?

If we want the current structure, it feels like the easiest solution is to take
the list and massage it into folders. This can probably be done with SPDX
tooling, and I'll gladly take a look at how that can be done.

[1]: https://github.com/spdx/license-list-data/tree/master/text

Morten Linderud
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