[arch-dev-public] Dropping pangox-compat

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Tue Apr 28 14:17:34 UTC 2020


I would like to drop pangox-compat. Reasons:
1. it does not compile with pango 1.44
2. the current compiled package links fine, but does not render any text 
when used with pango 1.44
3. upstream has archived the source and doesn't support it anymore
4. People care about 1. but not about 2. -> library only exists because 
software links to it

So far we have only a few packages depending on it:
- gtkglext (direct dependency, gdk_gl_font_use_pango_font* functions, 
removed in git master)
- gtkmathview (direct dependency, libraries linking to it not used by 
- gambas3-gb-gtk-opengl (pulled in through gtkglext, no further 

- patch gtkglext to remove API depending on pangox-compat, already 
packaged, not uploaded yet
- drop gtkmathview parts that depend on pangox-compat (Abiword needs the 
libxml2 module, nothing else)
- rebuild gambas3 (is in staging for ICU rebuild now)

Any objections?

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