[arch-dev-public] Anatol is inactive due to situation in Belarus

Anatol Pomozov anatol.pomozov at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 00:29:49 UTC 2020

Hello folks

My name is Anatol Pomozov and I am an Arch Linux developer. I've been
quiet for a couple of weeks now and will probably stay away from my
Arch Linux/pacman (+bcc:pacman-dev@) duties for a bit more. Please
feel free to take care of my packages if it's needed.

The reason for this decision is a situation that happens in my home
country. I am a belarusian. My home country, my beautiful Belarus is
essentially taken hostage by a usurpator Lukashenko. He has been
"ruling" the country for 26 years already. Lukashenko cancelled
results of the last election (where he took ~10% of votes) and
declared that he is going to stay in power for another 5 years. All
his political opponents were put into a jail or hiding from him
abroad. Anyone who demands fair elections is terrorized by his
personal army. Many people are tortured in jail.

You can see what happens in Belarus in these clips

I live abroad and I am safe now. But my parents and relatives are in
Belarus and they were essentially taken hostage by the Lukashenko's
government. The last few weeks were stressful for me and I want to
focus on my extended family as much as possible.

I understand that Arch maillist might not be the place for political
statements but this is something personal and something important for

There is no place for such violence and there is no place for
dictators in Europe of the 21st century. Please support Belarusian
people in their fight against the usurpator. Talk to your
governor/mayor/deputy/..., ask them to contact Belarusian government
to stop the violence. Talk to the press, explain to them what is going
on in Belarus right now. Anything that brings peace to Belarus will be
helpful. Thank you.

Жыве Беларусь!

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