[arch-dev-public] Mail server migration

Giancarlo Razzolini grazzolini at archlinux.org
Fri Aug 14 20:06:59 UTC 2020

Hi Guys,

Continuing with our migration efforts, we're now going to migrate the last running service
on orion which is the mail server and all the software related to it.

This is also getting migrated to a VPS [0]. We plan on making this as transparent as possible,
so all the mailboxes, sieve filters and .forward files and anything else mail related will be
copied from the home directions each user has on orion. We also plan on syncing /etc/shadow, to
make sure all the passwords remain the same.

However, the SSH Host keys will also be changed on the process. These keys will be documented
beforehand on [1] as well as sent to this thread. SSH access will only be used for password changing
and for putting/editing .forward files and/or sieve filters. Eventually the mail server will not support
SSH access anymore, as we plan on transitioning authentication to keycloak in the future. But for foreseeable
future, things won't change.

Also, with this change, since mail is the last thing on orion, that machine will be decommissioned. So,
please, everyone make sure that you don't have anything on your home directory that you wish to keep. We'll
take a backup, but the only things getting moved to the new mail server are mail related files.

There's no date yet for both the migration and for orion's decommissioning, but the mail migration will happen
next week, and orion's decommission following that and provided the mail migration is successful.

There will be a period of time where the pop and imap services will be unavailable, as well as sending emails.
We plan on not disrupting the incoming of emails, and I'll sync the queue between the machines, to avoid any
lost email, while the DNS records are changing.

Giancarlo Razzolini

[0] https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/infrastructure/-/issues/92
[1] https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/infrastructure/-/blob/master/docs/ssh-hostkeys.txt
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