[arch-dev-public] Restricting ability to post news items

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Jan 5 21:53:21 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Following the roll out of the base metapackage, and its poorly written
news post, we agreed that all new posts should have a draft posted to
arch-dev-public.  There was a potential exclusion for trivial
--overwrite posts [1].

This was followed for the Xorg update.   It was not followed for the
zstd update.

Given people have shown an inability to follow simple instructions,  I
am proposing a restriction on the ability to make news posts.  This can
either be a bulk restriction now, or just removing anybody who does not
follow the rule from ever making a news post again.


[1] and why have we had so many missing library symlinks lately...
surely checkpkg detects all the missing symlinks compared to previous

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