[arch-dev-public] Todos for language specific rebuilds

Anatol Pomozov anatol.pomozov at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 00:27:56 UTC 2020

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On 2020-01-12 at 00:04, arch-dev-public at archlinux.org wrote:
> On 1/10/20 4:42 PM, Christian Rebischke via arch-dev-public wrote:
> > Hi everybody,
> >
> > I would like to propose that we create todos for rebuilds of language
> > specific packages.
> >
> > We had two major rebuilds in the last months: python3.8 and ruby2.7.
> >
> > Can we agree that we create a todo before such rebuilds?
> > The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. We would gain:
> >
> > * More people help rebuilding the packages.'
> What help is needed? If this is just about having more people sed the
> pkgrel variable with "$pkgrel + 1", then try to build it, more people
> doesn't actually help. We have automated rebuilders which are very
> capable in this regard.
> > * Every maintainer gets informed about the rebuild.
> I agree with you that this is indeed a problem, and I would like to
> propose a pretty simple solution. Let's post on arch-dev-public to give
> people a heads-up.
> This means even if your package failed to be detected for rebuilding and
> would never appear on any TODO, you as a maintainer know that it
> happened and can manually rebuild your package.
> > * Maintainers have the possibility to test the packages.
> At least for the python rebuilds, the process of rebuilding the
> ecosystem is long and painfully drawn out, *because* packages with
> failing testsuites cannot be rebuilt automatically and go onto a TODO
> list of broken packages.
> Given this thread started because we just rebuilt ruby, can I assume
> that PKGBUILDs for ruby packages are in the general habit of not
> containing check() functions for running unittests? Either because
> upstream does not have unittests or because they are not being run?
> If packages have upstream unittests but don't run them, then the
> maintainer of the package has been derelict in his or her duty.
> If packages do NOT have upstream unittests, then this is unfortunate,
> and I don't currently have an answer for what we should do. :(
> > If tools exist for creating todos, I would like to ask the persons with
> > such tools to make them available for everybody (if not already
> > happened).
> It's a website submission form that expects you to write some
> explanatory message, then fill in a newline-separated list of pkgnames.
> Any rebuilder must by definition have the latter, even if that rebuilder
> is "I scrolled through archweb and did it all manually by flipping back
> and forth between my terminal and my browser".
> No "tool for creating todos" need exist. Ask instead about tools for
> enumerating language dependencies.
> ...
> For python, it's pretty simple.
> pkgfile -d '/usr/lib/python3.8/'
> For ruby, it's also pretty simple:
> pkgfile -d '/usr/lib/ruby/'
Here are the instructions that I used to find the ruby packages
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