[arch-dev-public] Split openssl package

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sat Nov 21 09:52:50 UTC 2020

Hi all,

there is a new set of openssl packages in testing that are split into
openssl, openssl-doc and openssl-perl. See

As most users just need the library the perl dependency can be
dropped. Summing up:

    openssl: depends on Perl; size:  3.6 MiB (7.31 MiB)

    openssl: depends just on glibc; size: 1.78 MiB (5.49 MiB)
    openssl-perl: depends on Perl
    openssl-doc: size: 1.82 MiB

We actually talked about this at ArchConf last year. Splitting the
package was the easy part, but dropping the Perl dependency means that
any package up the tree that depends on openssl needs to be checked if
it actually needs Perl itself. Thanks to everybody who did the hard
work here!

PS: Do you think we should post a news item about this change? Most
people won't need to worry about this, but those few who need the perl
scripts need to install the separate package.



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