[arch-dev-public] Go 1.17 released - to rebuild or not to rebuild

Morten Linderud foxboron at archlinux.org
Tue Aug 17 18:36:23 UTC 2021


I packaged up the new Go release yesterday and moved it over to stable earlier

Usually new Go minor releases frequently include new compiler improvements and
some assorted runtime changes. Previous releases I have done complete rebuilds
of Go packages in our repositories but the reception for these rebuilds have
been a bit mixed.

People do not really see the need to rebuild $goWorld when packages a compiled
and nothing inherently breaks unless there is a rebuild. We don't do this for
GCC, Rust and so on. However I do think it's nice to group up these ecosystem
changes in one swoop as it spares me from having to repeat myself for the next
few months as people occasionally update their Go packages.

But on the other hand I'm not super eager to be alone rebuilding all of this
either. So what are peoples thoughts on the subject?

Go 1.1 release notes: https://golang.org/doc/go1.17 
Previous rebuild: https://archlinux.org/todo/go-116-rebuild/

Morten Linderud
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