[arch-dev-public] namcap maintainership

Caleb Maclennan caleb at alerque.com
Sat Aug 28 15:37:12 UTC 2021

On 2021-08-21 22:24, Jelle van der Waa via arch-dev-public wrote:
> I would love to see someone from our team pick up namcap
> maintainership, [...]

Is there any progress on this decision? So far we have 4 of us that are 
interested in maintaining and/or contributing to the project. But, as I 
understand it, until somebody (?) makes an executive decision and we get 
some permissions on the project repo there is only so much any of us can 

I'm happy to work with any/all of Filipe, David, or Konstantin. I would 
suggest a relatively flexible workflow where one of us (whoever is going 
to manage delegating permissions and pull the trigger on releases) at 
least has maintainer accesses to the current repository on GitLab, and 
all the other parties that have volunteered to date (and possibly future 
ones) are given developer level permissions. Then we can setup the 
master branch protections such that 1 approval is required for merge 
requests. Any one of us could handle 3rd party contributions, and we can 
ourselves contribute with any one other party signing off on reviews. 
That way there isn't a huge bottleneck on one the development process 
if/when people are motivated to contribute. Only possibly the release 
tagging would be a single contact point (the maintainer).

I've scrubbed through the mailing list and found all the patches that 
have come in since the last commit to the repo and opened issues to 
review each of them. If this is going to move forward I can also collect 
said patches into MRs that can be reviewed from GitLab and possible 
scrounge up the existing feedback they got on the projects list. Dealing 
with those past contributions will at least be a first step. With a 
little motion on the project and a pathway for contributions to actually 
be processed I'm hopeful more devs/TUs will chip in over time — given 
this is something we are all exposed to.


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