[arch-dev-public] Debug package support in dbscripts

Brett Cornwall ainola at archlinux.org
Thu Dec 16 22:10:32 UTC 2021

On 2021-12-16 20:50, Jelle van der Waa via arch-dev-public wrote:
>Hi All,
>On 14/12/2021 21:22, Jelle van der Waa wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>Foxboron has been working on support for debug packages in dbscripts 
>>the past year. The progress has been slow but we are at a stage 
>>where we want to deploy the dbscripts portion of this. That means 
>>that on Thursday 17:00 until 20:00 UTC+1 we will close down 
>>repos.archlinux.org for any package updates.
>>The idea is to try limit any potential unforseen bugs and have a 
>>small testing phase before opening it like normal. If we do find 
>>bugs we will rollback any changes and work out the bugs.
>>If everything goes according to plan we’ll work on a devtools patch 
>>that would allow debug package updates. Then it is up to us if we 
>>enable debug for all packages or make it opt in.
>>If people are curious about the introduced changes, they can be found here:
>The changes have been deployed on repos.archlinux.org, everything 
>should work as expected. If you encounter issues please report them 
>either in this mail thread or on #archlinux-devops on libera.chat
>Thanks advance,
>Jelle van der Waa

Thanks for your work, Jelle!

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