[arch-dev-public] Chromium losing Sync support on March 15

Morten Linderud foxboron at archlinux.org
Tue Jan 26 23:31:50 UTC 2021

On Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 01:23:58AM +0200, Konstantin Gizdov via arch-dev-public wrote:
> I am not sure how this would be taken, but I propose we not only remove
> it from the repos, but we clean the AUR of Chromium and Chrome too and
> we enforce no one uploads any more such variants. This, I believe, is
> the only way the message will be loud and clear to our users because
> people will have to really share Chrome PKGBUILDs on 3rd party platforms
> as if it were illegal. In the end, this is what Google wants, right!? We
> cannot distribute Chrome's binary nor can we build a functioning
> Chromium. They essentially want their software no where near our _dirty_
> platform. I think we should abide.

I disagree on utilzing the AUR for an extended turf-war. Drop it from the
repositories and people can maintain it in the AUR. It's user contributed stuff
anyway and you are going to battle fork regardless for moderation purposes.

Is chrome banned? Ungoogled-chromium fine? Banned? What about other derivative
crap you suddenly need to actively ban and think about?

Assuming someone is even there to even hit the button on the deletion request.

> What is more, I believe if we do have access to a willing legal team, we
> should write and submit an official complaint to the EU ombudsman --
> Google are in fact crippling an open source alternative to their
> browser, limiting choice, disrupting the market place, coercing the
> "little man", etc. -- all things for which they were recently found
> guilty of and fined by the EU [1].

I don't think we should spend money on this.

Morten Linderud

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