[arch-dev-public] Formal Objection to Adopting the Code of Conduct

Levente Polyak anthraxx at archlinux.org
Wed Sep 15 18:44:39 UTC 2021

On 9/5/21 04:38, Allan McRae via arch-dev-public wrote:
> Either the CoC was already a formal document and changes were made by a
> small number of staff with limited oversight from the governing body -
> in this case we need to revert to the last formal version and all
> changes need formally agreed on.  Or it was not an official document and
> we need to discuss formally adopting it.
> So I see this issue can be addressed by the current governing body (the
> Developers, preferably with input from all staff) in at least two ways:
> 1) There is a discussion and agreement around the formal adoption of the
> CoC.
> or
> 2) There is an agreement that the CoC was already official, AND a
> discussion and agreement around the changes that were made since import
> into the service agreement repo.
> Effectively these are the same discussion.

I think at this point it isn't really leading anywhere to try to argue 
who is exactly right about the status quo. What does matter more is how 
we want to proceed to get the changes official -- this is where i agree 
that it kind of is the very same discussion/procedure this should go 
through to either get the changes or the overall thing in place.

Using a clear procedure for the current and future changes does not only 
make sense because this is a distro wide formal document, but also as 
this is implicitly part of the service agreement and changes will hence 
need to be propagated to all users actively.

We've talked about this in a small working group for a while and came to 
two action points partially related but independent from each other:

1) Use the RFC process to adapt the CoC document in its current form:


This RFC formalizes the current CoC changes as well as defines how to 
proceed with changes in terms of transparency (visibility across the 
staff) as well as implications for the terms of service.

2) Adaption of the Arch Mediation Program

This program has been discussed for a while now. The time has come to 
take it forward and propose a concrete RFC that can be reviewed and 
adapted including a procedure to nominate and vote on mediators.

This is related to the CoC, but can live independently. In case former 
got adapted, this would lead to a small change in the CoC escalation 
paragraphs including the mediators as an official layer.

Thanks for bringing up this discussion and making those changes rock solid.

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