[arch-dev-public] Updates to archlinux-keyring and signatures for packager keys

Brett Cornwall ainola at archlinux.org
Sat Jan 15 00:57:00 UTC 2022

On 2022-01-14 21:12, David Runge via arch-dev-public wrote:
>To all that have added a new @archlinux.org UID or have created a new
>key, please make sure that all signatures you have received from main
>signing keys are also present in the current keyring (`pacman-key
>--list-sigs <nick>@archlinux.org`) or in the current HEAD of
>archlinux-keyring (`./keyringctl inspect <nick>` in a clone of the
>archlinux-keyring repository). If you have signatures that are not yet
>in the keyring, you can add them yourself [2] and do not have to wait on
>a main signing key holder to do it.

Thanks for your work on this initiative.

I see that my key has made it but the trust is only marginal:

[~]$ pacman -Q archlinux-keyring
archlinux-keyring 20220114-1
[~]$ pacman-key --list-sigs ainola at archlinux.org
gpg: Note: trustdb not writable
pub   ed25519 2018-10-03 [SC] [expires: 2022-07-18]
uid           [marginal] Brett Cornwall <ainola at archlinux.org>
sig 3        A06B49470F8E620A 2021-11-18  Brett Cornwall <brett at i--b.com>
sig          4DC95B6D7BE9892E 2021-11-20  David Runge (Arch Linux Master Key) <dvzrv at master-key.archlinux.org>

Is this expected behavior?
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